Pet Telehealth

Convenient and Easy Appointments

Life gets busy, but your pet’s health is always a priority. That’s why Toptails Vet offers convenient pet telehealth appointments to ensure your pet receives the care they need when they need it. Because when it comes to your pet’s well-being, we’ve got you covered, even in the comfort of your home.

Telehealth vs Traditional

We get it – scheduling a trip to the vet’s office isn’t always easy. Whether it’s a hectic work schedule or your pet’s anxiety about car rides, traditional appointments can be stressful for you and your furry friend. But with telehealth pet appointments, you can skip the hassle and receive expert veterinary care without leaving home.

Pet telehealth is perfect for when you need advice on your pet’s nutritional needs and funky behavior or for a follow-up on a surgical procedure. If your pet requires a complete physical exam or diagnostics run for a possible infection, unfortunately, we can’t reach through the screen to perform those – yet.

How Telehealth Works

Getting started with a pet telehealth appointment is easy. Schedule an appointment on our website or give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. On the day of your appointment, you’ll receive a secure link to join a video call with our experienced veterinary team. During the appointment, you can discuss your pet’s health concerns, ask questions, and receive personalized recommendations to meet your pet’s unique needs. If necessary, we can even prescribe medications and coordinate follow-up care without your or your pet stepping foot in the clinic.

Your Pet’s Vet Care at Home

At Toptails Vet, located in Puyallup, we believe every pet deserves access to high-quality veterinary care, no matter the circumstances. With telehealth pet appointments, we’re making it easier than ever to prioritize your pet’s health and well-being on your terms. Ready to schedule your pet’s telehealth appointment? Not sure whether to book a traditional or telehealth vet appointment? Contact us today to get started and experience the convenience of virtual veterinary care with Toptails Vet.

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Toptails Vet provides pet telehealth appointments for dogs and cats in Puyallup, South Hill, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Auburn, Graham, Tehaleh, Lake Tapps, and the surrounding areas

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