Pet Wellness Exams

The Foundation of a Healthy Life

At Toptails Vet, we take your pet’s well-being seriously. Our pet wellness care services go beyond mere promises; they are meticulously designed to ensure your furry friend remains in peak condition. Through our comprehensive pet wellness exams, expect a dedicated focus on preventive care, including robust measures for flea prevention, heartworm and tick control, and personalized vaccination plans tailored to suit your pet’s lifestyle and requirements.

Our veterinary team conducts thorough nose-to-tail examinations, proactively detecting and addressing potential health issues before they escalate. We prioritize your pet’s oral health with personalized dental plans to maintain sharp teeth and healthy gums. Moreover, our dedication extends to crafting precise nutrition and exercise plans uniquely tailored to your pet’s needs, ensuring optimal health and weight management.

Age-Specific Wellness Plans

We understand the joy of welcoming new puppies or kittens into your family and the distinct needs of senior pets. We offer specialized care for aging pets and essential wellness care customized for young pets. Additionally, Toptails Vet provides pet wellness plans to streamline your pet’s routine care, making it more accessible and manageable. Services included in our wellness plan include:

Parasite Prevention:

We acknowledge the discomfort and potential dangers associated with fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. To safeguard your pet against these troublesome pests, we take meticulous precautions and implement effective parasite control measures.

Microchipping Services:

Microchipping is a simple, secure, and reliable method to ensure your pet can be easily identified if they ever decide to embark on a little adventure. Considering our furry friends’ love for exploration, it’s a valuable tool for their safety.

Dental Health:

Within the scope of our comprehensive wellness exams, we conduct thorough examinations of your pet’s teeth and gums. Recognizing the vital role dental hygiene plays in their overall well-being, we strive to identify and address any potential dental discomfort or health issues arising from inadequate oral care.

Our clinic in Puyallup offers straightforward and budget-friendly comprehensive pet wellness care. We believe in providing every pet with the finest care possible. Reach out to us today to explore our customized care plans to ensure your beloved pet lives their best and healthiest life.

Toptails Vet provides pet wellness exam services for cats and dogs in Puyallup, South Hill, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Auburn, Graham, Tehaleh, Lake Tapps, and the surrounding areas.

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